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You can loop through the select obj options There s atext method in each of the option object, set the., which you can use to compare to what you want

Set option text javascript.

The Option object represents an HTMLoption> bel Sets , returns the value of the label attribute of an option in a drop down list selected Sets

Jun 12, 2017 How to set OptionSet Values in Javascript CRM 2011 Setting the integer value is recommended because the text value of the option might be changed. How to set the value of a form field like to set the value of a form field using Javascript of the optionNote: this is not the text displayed.

I have been using the following codewith jQuery v1 4 2) to set theselected' attribute of a select list based on itstext' description rather than itsvalue.

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Retrieving the text of the selectedoption> inselect> element Getting an option text value with JavaScript 0 Set a default parameter value for a. Get Set value of a CRM Option Set Value field using javascript 30 Does this mean thatvalue’ can be either the Option Set value or the Option Set text.
Well organized and easy to understand Web building tutorials with lots of examples of how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, and XML. JavaScript JavaScript Reference The text property sets or returns the text of an option t the text property: optionObject text text.

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JavaScript JavaScript Examples Option selected Property Option Object Example Change the selected option in a drop down list toorange Set the selected. Jun 12, 2017 Could any one please give me the code snippet to set Option Set value using JavaScript You cannot set the text value of the option or sting value.

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