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The strategy can be a module used in conjunction with other strategies, ., because in dead markets we know active trending , is a strategic part of any portfolio, 21 Nov 2011 Hello I am an absolute newbie here Pardon me for my lack of knowledge I have been reading up on FX trading recently , I am wondering why most.

Is forex trading dead.

The fact is that Forex trading as you know it, is dying a slow miserable fact, it signed its death warrant 17 years ago when the market opened their doors to the retail public , flooded the market with new FX traders.

Dec 26, just about prompted me to throw in the towel., 2017 I ve had a lousy year trading ES The lack of volatility, overlayed with six months of chemotherapy

Of course, difficult to predict exactly how regulations will develop in next 10 years Perhaps the next few years regulations could loosen a bit for Forex trading after years of tightening Im curious if anyone in the US considers that to be a real possibility The FCA in the UK were also looking at tightening the

18 May 2016 Trading Active and Dead Zones with Binaries This post is sponsored by Cam White Trading Pub If you trade currencies, you may have noticed that many currencies can be quite active during the morning hours, and very quiet in the afternoon Forex traders love trading in the morning because that 39 s. 20 Jul 2012 So you 39 ve lost 50% or more of your forex trading account and you feel like you either want to give up trading all together or just start going crazy and trading everything you see because you 39 don 39 t care 39; anymore Has this happened to you Is this happening to you now If so, you 39 re not alone, many forex.

17 Sep 2012 Just because the forex market is a 24 hour a day market doesn 39 t mean you should be trading 24 hours a day Many times of the day the forex market is dead and direction less, thus making trading a guessing game Pick active times of the day when you are more likely to experience a trending market such. 9 Feb 2014 Long story short traded for 18 months First step: prop trading, firm went under I think but they got rid of all of us before we could even know Next step: Did some home trading; FX and CFDs After that: went back into work, idea was save money and back ved the money- however backing myself at.

11 Dec 2017 When you look at the VIX, it 39 s currently trading at its lowest levels over the past year and the trend has been one of a declining and flattening one So what does it take to bring back volatility into markets Alan Ruskin, global co head of FX research at Deutsche, says that the key is bond volatility According.

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